NPC-D-5200 Digital Controller

Precision, Accuracy and Speed for the best in Nano-positioning

A standalone single axis closed loop piezo actuator controller designed to cover a wide range of challenging applications needing the best dynamic performance. There is no compromise; the NPC-D-5200 delivers precision, accuracy and speed.

NanoScan NPC-D-6000 Series Multi-channel Closed Loop Controller

NPC-D-6000 series combine piezo drive amplifiers, capacitance position sensing circuitry and servo control capability

The NanoScan NPC-D-6000 Series are multi-channel nano positioning controllers designed specifically to control Queensgate Stage Mechanisms and Actuators with picometre positioning resolutions. Using state of the art digital signal processing technology the NPC-D-6000 series combine piezo drive amplifiers, capacitance position sensing circuitry and servo control capability.


NPS-X-15A/NPS-X-15B Low Profile Fast 15 Micron Stage

Low Profile Fast 15 Micron Stage

The NPS-X-15A/NPS-X-15B Low Profile Fast 15 Micron Stage were originally designed for high speed, ultra precision MR head and disk drive testing.

Its small size and millisecond response time make it ideal for applications where high reliability and throughput are essential. A low moving mass and high stiffness combine to offer extremely high bandwidth.

NPS-XY-100 Series Two Axis 100µm x 100µm Stages

Piezo scanned flexure guided stage

The NPS-XY-100A Two Axis 100µm x 100µm Stage Super Invar – is made of Super Invar construction (CTE 0.3ppm K-1) which minimizes thermal drift, on a nanometer scale this is very important. With 3 point kinematic mounts.

The NPS-XY-100D Two Axis 100µm x 100µm Stage Super Aluminum – is made of Aluminum. It has the best resolution, fastest dynamics of the XY-100 range and is the most cost-effective. It includes 4 corner mounting for simple installation.

NPS-Z-500B-UHV Nanopositioning Stage

Highly linear device with outstanding resolution

The NPS-Z-500B-UHV delivers over 100um full range at 80K at 10-9 torr. The stage is designed to operate in closed loop mode using capacitive positioning sensors.

NPS-TG-7A High Performance Tip Tilt Stage

NPS-TG-7A high speed stage

The Queensgate NPS-TG-7A tip tilt mechanism is designed for applications requiring high speed, ultrahigh precision positioning of mirrors.

NanoScan OP400 piezo objective scanner Datasheet

NanoScan OP 400 piezo objective scanner provides the fastest step and settle time of any objective positioner available. Incorporating capacitive feedback sensors, it also has market leading positioning accuracy and resolution.

Actuators & Translators

NPS-Z-15L Ultra High Load Closed Loop 15 Micron Actuator

The NPS-Z-15L offers over 15μm of closed loop travel, with sub- nanometre resolution and stability. This stage has been specifically designed for highstiffness, which allows loads of up to 500 Kg to be carried.

MTP Open Loop Actuator

The MTP is an internally preloaded piezoelectric open loop translation device

The actuators offer a very stiff design that is capable of generating blocking forces as high as 1000N (MTP-15). This characteristic enables the actuator to drive demanding loads of up to a maximum 10kg (MTP-15) in the Z-axis.

DPT-E Translators-Actuators

DPT-E range of actuators are designed with capacitive feedback control

A system comprising a DPT-E actuator with the fully programmable NanoScan NPC-D-6000 series or the NPC-D-5200 digital closed loop controllers are ideal for the most demanding applications.


NanoSensors – NX Series

NX NanoSensor for the ultimate in position monitoring

The NX NanoSensor® is a non-contact position measuring system based on the principle of capacitance micrometry. Two sensor plates, a target and a probe, form a parallel plate capacitor.