About Queensgate

We manufacture high-speed, high-precision piezo stages and capacitive sensors with low picometer resolutions for the most demanding nanopositioning applications. Specializing in customized solutions which require high performance, load tolerance and speed – often in highly demanding environments.

Queensgate was the first to market with capacitive sensors for high-precision positioning, launching a range of nanopositioning products for use in microscopy in in 1985. We followed this with digital control for improved accuracy, and calibrations stored on the stage for full interchangeability of stage and controller. Continued innovation allows our nanopositioning stages to operate at bandwidths over 40% of the stage resonant frequency.  This is four to five times faster than similar systems.   

In 2018, the company was acquired by Prior Scientific Instruments Ltd, a global leader in the development of precision motion, automation and optical systems, sub-systems and components. 

Today, Queensgate offers customized solutions that help our customers solve the most challenging applications from validating and testing of the latest semiconductor materials, to rapidly identifying new diseases and pathogens. Working from our ISO 9001:2015 certified locations in Cambridge and Paignton, our engineers partner with customers to produce innovative nanopositioning products which continue to exceed expectations and push the barriers of what is possible.