Facilities and Expertise

Access to world-class development and prototyping facilities, combined with their unique experience, enables our team of nanopositioning experts to bring complex projects successfully to market.

State of the art research, development and test facilities 

World-class non-contact measurement equipment for sub-nanometer accuracy

Testing  products with a position noise floor in the range of a few tens of picometers required us to develop custom laser interferometers with capabilities beyond commercially available models. Using the latest National Physical Laboratory (NPL) electronics we have world-leading equipment which allows us to meet the most demanding customer specifications. 

Customized development software 

Our smart optimization software  reduces errors in calibration and ensures consistent dynamic performance. Every stage is uniquely mapped and tuned to deliver the ultimate in Nanopositioning.  

Electronics and Photonics Innovation Centre  

We are based in the Electronics and Photonics Innovation Centre (EPIC) in Paignton, UK. This specialized hub gives us additional access to world-class research and development facilities, including: 

  • An ISO Class 7 cleanroom, providing an ultra-clean environment for testing and production. This ensures we can meet the stringent requirements for medical, life science, semiconductor and defense projects.  
  • A prototyping suite giving us access to the latest equipment including a scanning electron microscope (SEM), CNC measurement, plasma cleaning and 3D printing capabilities.

A Brand of Prior Scientific 

In addition, as part of Prior Scientific and have full access to its R&D and production facilities in Cambridge, UK. These include: 

  • Latest CAD,CAM & simulation tools 
  • R&D labs and workshops 
  • CNC / inspection capabilities  

World-class expertise in nanopositioning 

Queensgate has built a highly-qualified team with unique expertise in the field. This allows us to continue pushing the limits forwards to develop future technologies. Prior Scientific has a number of test physicists specializing in interferometry and optics who provide valuable input into our development projects.  

Our team has: 

  • Worked on several NASA science projects including the International Space Station and Space Shuttle.  
  • Contributed to the first laser communications system in space with the European Space Agency. 
  • Introduced the first digital electronics for nanopositioning electrics since pioneering its use for over 25 years.  
  • Successfully developed and commercialized several nanopositioning stages and sensors with world-class dynamic noise performance. 
  • Developed state-of-the-art firmware allowing advanced control techniques and high speed low noise operation. 
  • Project-managed numerous large and small OEM projects, taking the product from concept to market.