Precision Actuators & Translators

Queensgate’s piezo flexure actuators generate small, precise movements very quickly and with high repeatability. They offer up to 120 µm range or 35000 N blocking force.

DPT-E range of actuators

Our nano linear actuators are used in a wide range of high-precision motion control and nanopositioning applications, including:

  • Vibration control
  • Optics and Photonics
  • Life sciences and microscopy

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In closed-loop format, the DPT-E range of piezoelectric actuators incorporates Queensgate's renowned capacitance feedback position sensor to provide low hysteresis and high-accuracy positioning. When specified with Queensgate's digital controller, complete plug-and-play interchangeability is available. For ultimate motion accuracy, flexure guidance is available providing minimal off-axis deviations.

In open loop format, the MTP high-precision linear actuators provide a rugged, compact, cost-effective solution. Used with Queensgate's stand-alone Nanopositioning sensors, a flexible fully closed-loop system can be achieved.