NPL nanopositioning stage characterisation rig.

Apr 17th 2023

Prior and NPL collaborate on 3D spatial positioning correction

Video case study: Prior and NPL collaborate on 3D spatial positioning correction  A new video case study from Innovate UK’s Analysis for Innovators (A4I) program explores Prior Scientific’s collaboration with […]


Alison Raby and Craig Goodman

Mar 28th 2023

Prior Scientific Appoints Craig Goodman as Product Manager for Queensgate

We are pleased to announce that Craig Goodman, former UK Sales Manager at Prior Scientific, has been appointed as product manager at Queensgate. Craig is ideally suited to the role […]



Mar 24th 2023

How resonant frequency defines nanopositioning stage performance

It’s commonly believed that if you know the resonant frequency of a nanopositioning stage, then you’ll have an accurate indication of its performance, especially its dynamic performance.  In simple terms, […]


fiber alignment system for precise fiber optic placement

Feb 27th 2023

What are the 6 factors to consider for perfect nanopositioning?

If you’ve not previously used a nanopositioning system, or had cause to specify one for a while, then it’s worth taking time to consider some of the key factors that […]



Jan 3rd 2023

Nanoscale metrology for demanding environments: Queensgate’s NanoCeramic NanoSensor series

Our new NanoCeramic (NC) NanoSensor series offers nanoscale metrology for highly demanding environments – such as ultra-high vacuum (UHV), high radiation or extreme temperatures (from 80 K up to 423 […]


Dec 8th 2022

What is nanopositioning and where is the technology used?

Read the latest article on At Queensgate, we’ve been pioneering the design, development and manufacturing of advanced nanopositioning systems for almost 50 years. By definition, ‘nanopositioning’ means moving a […]


SPIE Photonex Logo

Dec 2nd 2022

Queensgate showcasing high-precision nanopositioning range at SPIE Photonex

We will be exhibiting at SPIE Photonex at the NEC in Birmingham from 6th to 7th of December 2022. The event features a technical program with the latest research in […]


spatial correction for multi-axis nanopositioning

Nov 29th 2022

NPL and Queensgate collaboration improves spatial correction for multi-axis nanopositioning

New research paper available   As part of the Analysis for Innovators program round 6, Queensgate, in collaboration with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), were awarded funding for a project […]


Wafer Z Stage

Sep 26th 2022

Introducing a new high-load Piezo Wafer Z stage

Queensgate, a brand of Prior Scientific, introduces a new high-load Piezo Wafer Z Stage Queensgate’s Wafer Z Stage is a new addition to its product line, achieving fast response and […]


Fast AFM scanning: realizing the gains of closed-loop velocity control

Apr 7th 2021

Fast AFM scanning: realizing the gains of closed-loop velocity control

This article was originally published on on 7 April 2021. Nanopositioning specialist Queensgate is lining up a suite of enabling technologies for applications in high-speed, high-accuracy atomic force microscopy (AFM) systems […]