Prior and NPL collaborate on 3D spatial positioning correction

NPL nanopositioning stage characterisation rig.

Video case study: Prior and NPL collaborate on 3D spatial positioning correction 

A new video case study from Innovate UK’s Analysis for Innovators (A4I) program explores Prior Scientific’s collaboration with the UK’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL) to devise 3D spatial correction algorithms to increase the accuracy of the long-range Queensgate nanopositioning stages.  

Prior received funding from A4I to partner with NPL, giving them access to NPL’s specialist 3D metrology equipment and data analysis capabilities.

Watch the case study video from A4I 

Read the full paper on the on the project

A4I is a program that gives UK businesses of any size access to cutting-edge R&D expertise and facilities to help solve problems that they have been unable to tackle using standard technologies and techniques. It might be around product reliability, cost or product lifetime. 

NPL is the UK’s National Metrology Institute (NMI). As well as working with other NMIs around the world to maintain the international system of measurement, it works to ensure that UK companies are able to develop and deploy new technologies and new products and processes.