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Nano positioning technology and applications


The current trend for nanopositioning with increased speed has led to the development by Queensgate of a dual sensor system for servo control of single axis displacement stages.

In most fields of engineering, working to micrometre accuracy is considered to be the standard, with typical high-quality bearings having tolerances within hundreds or even tens of microns. But pioneers working in nanopositioning are now operating at tens of picometres – a million times smaller. For comparison, an atom is around one to five-hundred picometres in diameter, and a human hair is 100,000,000 picometres across.

Queensgate Instruments specialize in creating nano positioning and sensing solutions for high-technology industries, with variants suitable for precision measurement in UHV, radiation environments and cryogenic temperatures.

Over the decades, Queensgate Instruments has undertaken various one-off space-borne projects as subcontractor and in collaboration with companies working for NASA and ESA.

Choosing the right nanopositioning system for your application requires
 an understanding of the resolution, accuracy and range required, in addition to cost and reliability. Increasingly, dynamic issues dominate applications, with requirements for real-time/high-dynamic applications.

UVAC versions of the Queensgate Series NanoSensors and our DPT-D and DPT-E ranges of Digital Piezo Actuators are widely used in Synchrotrons and Beamline applications.
The NC Nanosensor capacitive sensor series, has been specially developed to meet the requirements of partial accelerators. Originally developed for magnet positioning inside vacuum, it offers exceptional features.
The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) has a long standing collaboration with Queensgate Instruments in the area of provision of metrology for nanopositioning. NPL and Queensgate recently completed an Innovate UK project in which NPL developed optical interferometry to enable Queensgate to verify the performance of the next generation of its nanopositioning stages.
Queensgate Instruments – an Elektron Technology brand – introduced three exciting new nanopositioning products at Laser World of Photonics
Digital Piezo Translators are the ultimate solution for nanopositioning tasks, delivering cutting-edge performances in terms of stability, linearity and repeatability.



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