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Nano positioning technology and applications

Nanopositioning Sensors

The NanoSensor is a non-contact position measuring system of extraordinary sesitivity based on the principle of capacitance micrometry. It can resolve to picometres with a range of up to 1.25mm. Two sensor plates (Target and Probe) form a parallel plate capacitor.

Queensgate manufactures two styles of sensors:
NX Series, all metal construction, are typically available in either Aluminium or Super Invar. Alternative materials are available to suit specific customer requirements, please consult Queensgate.

NZ Series sensors are constructed of Super Invar and Zerodur to provide exceptional thermal stability.

Both styles of sensors can be driven using Queensgate's state of the art analogue single channel controllers.

Custom multi-channel systems can be produced as well as custom sensor head design, if required. Queensgate has produced numerous successful custom systems for applications in Wafer Stepping and the International Space Station. We would pleased to discuss your specific requirements.




Capacitive Sensors - NCG-1-AL-UHV

Long range capacitive position sensors. The NCG-1-AL-UHV Capacitive Sensors are the longest range sensors in the Queensgate range. Designed for high resolution positioning in harsh environments. The NanoSensors are non-heating and maintain their zero position when powered down.
NX Nanosensor

NanoSensors - NX Series

NanoSensor® for the ultimate in position monitoring. The NanoSensor® is a non-contact position measuring system based on the principle of capacitance micrometry. Two sensor plates, a Target and a Probe, form a parallel plate capacitor.

NanoSensors - NZ Series

Queensgate’s ultimate sensor for thermal stability combines the low expansion coefficient benefits of Zerodur and Super Invar in a single package.


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