Queensgate - Nanotechnology Instrumentation and Nanopositioning

Nano positioning technology and applications

NPS-X-500A Nanopositioning Stage

The NPS-X-500A is a single-axis piezo-nanopositioning stage with closed-loop travel range of 500μm. This ultra-compact stage has been specifically designed for high precision and quick response.

NS-A-4101 Sensor Controller

The new NS-A-4101 is a single channel conditioning controller which comes complete with power supply and analogue interface.The new NS-A-4101 supports the Queensgate’s range of NX and NC NanoSensors®, delivering the highest precision and linearity.

DPT-D Closed Loop Actuator

Precision, Accuracy and Speed for the best in Nano-positioning. • Best-in-class performance • Built-in calibration • Highest loads, fast step settle times • Superior stability • Highest resolution


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