Queensgate - Nanotechnology Instrumentation and Nanopositioning

Nano positioning technology and applications

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) - Testing nanopositioning devices for Queensgate

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) has a long standing collaboration with Queensgate Instruments in the area of provision of metrology for nanopositioning. NPL and Queensgate recently completed an Innovate UK project in which NPL developed optical interferometry to enable Queensgate to verify the performance of the next generation of its nanopositioning stages.

DPT-E Digital Piezo Translators

Precision, Accuracy and Speed for the best in Nano-positioning.

The DPT-E range of actuators are designed with capacitive feedback control to give precise positioning.

NPC-D-5200 Digital Controller

Precision, Accuracy and Speed for the best in Nano-positioning A standalone single axis closed loop piezo actuator controller designed to cover a wide range of challenging applications needing the best dynamic performance. There is no compromise; the NPC-D-5200 delivers precision, accuracy and speed.

SSM-Z-550A Z-Axis K-Frame Scanning Stage

Piezo driven microscopy stage with a closed-loop travel range of 550μm. Provides exceptional accuracy and very low rotational error around the direction of motion.


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