Queensgate - Nanotechnology Instrumentation and Nanopositioning

Nano positioning technology and applications


The small size and millisecond response time of the NPS-X-30B ideal for applications where high reliability and throughput are essential.
 A low moving mass and high stiffness combine to offer extremely high bandwidth.

NPC-D-6000 Multi-channel Closed Loop Controller

The NPC-D-6000 series is a multi-channel closed loop controller for Nano Positioning systems. Designed specifically to control Queensgate Stage Mechanisms and Actuators with piccometer positioning resolutions.

NPS-2100-20 / NPS-2101 Controller

The NPS2100-20 and NPS2101 is a NanoSensor, high voltage amplifier and control electronics combined as a single channel standalone module. These controllers are most commonly used to provide closed loop position control of Y mirror steering mechanisms, which incorporate Queensgate piezo actuators (MTP-15N ) and sensors (NXB-3-Al).

Smaller Worlds - John Andrew Clarke of Queensgate Instruments looks at the shrinking world of nanopositioning

In most fields of engineering, working to micrometre accuracy is considered to be the standard, with typical high-quality bearings having tolerances within hundreds or even tens of microns. But pioneers working in nanopositioning are now operating at tens of picometres – a million times smaller. For comparison, an atom is around one to five-hundred picometres in diameter, and a human hair is 100,000,000 picometres across.


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