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Welcome to Queensgate Instruments

Queensgate Instruments has delivered world leading, cost effective Nanopositioning systems for over three decades.

Our in-house design team applies thought-leading research and development into new and innovative applications for Nanopositioning technology.

A long history in the production of two and three-plane, rotational and single point positioning and capacitive plate measuring devices with sub-atomic resolution, places us at the forefront of this rapidly developing technology.

Our applications encompass: Microscopy, Telescopy Opto-electronics, Semiconductors, Robotic Surgery, Astronomy, Defence and Space and Hard Disk Drive Testing.

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Our Benefits

World-beating accuracy
Excellent field service
Prompt problem solving
State-of-the-art technology and production techniques
Friendly, knowledgeable team
Time effective design and production processes
Environmental impact analyses
Thought-leading research

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