Nanopositioning Piezo Stages

Our Nanopositioning Stages combine high-performance piezo actuation with highly accurate capacitance position feedback to provide complete high-performance closed-loop systems. When specified with a closed-loop digital controller, complete plug-and-play interchangeability can be achieved. They are available in linear, tilting and rotational formats with both single and multi-axis configurations.

NanoScan OP400

Choose from:

High-speed, high-performance nanopositioning linear stages and piezo Z stage

Piezoelectric stages for ultra-precision nanopositioning applications such as hard disk drive inspection, interferometry, mirror positioning, and high-precision microscopy.

Piezo focus devices and Z-axis positioners

Our NanoScan range of piezo flexure stages and objective positioners offer fast step and settle times together with high-accuracy and nanometer resolution. They are compatible with most microscopes and objective lenses, including the Prior OpenStand system.

Multi-axis stages

Our multi-axis piezo flexure stages include XY positioners, XYZ piezo stages, and tip-tilt stages. They are capable of sub-nanometer resolution and reproducibility in applications such as high-precision microscopy, laser communication devices and optical filters or switches.