Queensgate Instruments

Queensgate has been at the forefront of fine-positioning, working across all fields which have a use for Nanopositioning technology. Our knowledge and experience means we are best placed to help you find a unique solution to your fine-positioning and measurement needs. With world beating in-house teams providing thought-leading expertise in all associated engineering disciplines, we are the perfect OEM partner for those looking to find new accurate and efficient solutions or new applications. With a service record which is the envy of the Nanopositioning world, we deliver systems which work from day one and will last you a lifetime.

OEM Consultancy

Working with Queensgate will guarantee that your project is completed to your satisfaction. Our teams of in-house scientists and engineers are able to communicate comfortably at all levels ensuring efficient exchange of information. Initial enquiry will be handled by an experienced expert who will stay with you until the completion of a Non-Recurring Engineering programme (NRE) which will ensure that your project can be costed accurately. Design teams will be put in place to provide expert skills across all connected areas of your project. We speak fluent software, electronics and mechanics and are renowned for our friendly, personable service which is employed when communicating with you, your suppliers and your customers when required.

OEM Integration

We can integrate seamlessly with equipment already in use as well as work in partnership with suppliers of new equipment to ensure smooth and efficient commissioning to get you working straight away.


As well as bespoke solutions, Queensgate can build competitively priced standard product in short timescales. Our on-going development programmes ensure that even our standard products benefit from the latest developments. Products include; one, two and three channel stages, controllers and software, two-plane cylindrical piezo stacks, capacitive plates with a variety of optional coatings, Nano Mechanisms – including tip/tilt, Objective Lens Positioners, Nano sensors – including single probe and others.  

Our Business Channels

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