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Nano positioning technology and applications


Queensgate Instuments offers a wide range of Nanotechnology products from Nano Sensors to Nanopositioning Devices, Control Electronics, Translators and Software.

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Closed loop piezo actuated stages. Standard stage materials are as listed in datasheets, alternative materials are available, including Super Invar, stainless steel, titanium and aluminium. Options include vacuum, radiation, high temperature compatibility. Custom designs also available on request.

Available in linear or tilting/rotational formats with both single and multi-axis configurations, Queensgate's Nanopositioning Stages utilise high performance piezo actuation combined with Queensgates renowned capacitance position feedback to provide complete high performance closed loop systems. When specified with closed loop digital controller, complete plug and play interchangeability can be achieved.

Nanopositioning Actuators/Translators with up to 120 microns range or up to 35000N blocking force. Custom designs also available on request.

In closed loop format, the DPT actuators incorporate Queensgates renowned capacitance feedback position sensor to provide low hysteresis - high accuracy positioning. Specified with Queensgates digital controller, complete plug and play interchangeability as available. For ultimate motion accuracy, flexure guidance is available providing minimal off axis deviations.

In open loop format, the MTP actuators provide a rugged, compact, cost effective solution. Used with Queensgates stand alone Nanopositioning sensors, a flexible fully closed loop system can be achieved.

The NanoSensor is a non-contact position measuring system of extraordinary sensitivity based on the principle of capacitance micrometry. It can resolve to picometres with a range of up to 1.25mm. Two sensor plates (Target and Probe) form a parallel plate capacitor.

Queensgate manufactures various styles of sensors:
NX Series, all metal construction, are typically available in either Aluminium or Super Invar. Alternative materials are available to suit specific customer requirements, please consult Queensgate.

NZ Series sensors are constructed of Super Invar and Zerodur to provide exceptional thermal stability.

NCG Series Capacitive Position Sensors are the longest range sensors in the Queensgate portfolio. Designed for high resolution positioning in harsh environments.

The sensors can be driven using Queensgate's state of the art analogue single channel controllers.

Custom multi-channel systems can be produced as well as custom sensor head design, if required. Queensgate has produced numerous successful custom systems for applications in Wafer Stepping and the International Space Station. We would pleased to discuss your specific requirements.



Super fast and fully digital closed loop electronics and cost-effective analog electronics solutions to drive the Queensgate Nano Positioning range of products.


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