NanoScan SP400/SP600

Nov 14th 2023

High accuracy sample positioner now offers up to 800 µm travel

Queensgate’s NanoScan SP800 nanopositioning sample scanner offers high-accuracy positioning performance for longer ranges. Queensgate has added a new model to its range of piezo-driven sample positioners. The SP800 offers 800 […]


An imaging system being built overlaid with the BSI marks

Nov 7th 2023

New ISO certifications demonstrate Prior Scientific’s commitment to improved environmental practices

Prior Scientific is now certified to ISO Environment (14001:2015) and Health & Safety (45001:2018). The company already has Quality Management (9001:2015) which has been successfully renewed. The new certificates apply […]


NanoScan SP400 sample positioner on an inverted microscope

Oct 18th 2023

Enhance the precision of your measurements: Queensgate’s piezo sample positioners

Our NanoScan SP series of sample positioners delivers unmatched repeatability and performance for precision positioning across many imaging applications. Compatible with Prior’s XY stages, the sample positioners can be used […]


Queensgate Stage being manufactured

Jun 15th 2023

Was ist das Erfolgsrezept für die Qualitätssicherung in der Nanopositionierung?

Queensgate und Prior treiben die Grenzen der Nanopositionierung seit Jahrzehnten voran und sind bestrebt, unseren Kunden die höchstmögliche Qualitätssicherung zu bieten. Durch die Zusammenarbeit mit dem National Physical Laboratory (NPL) […]


Jacques and Pierre Curie in a lab in 1898 - Infographic of the inverse piezoelectric effect

May 25th 2023

What is a piezo actuator?

Queensgate offers a range of diverse Piezo-driven actuators that are at the forefront of nanopositioning applications in material science, semiconductor manufacturing, astronomy, and life sciences – but did you know […]


May 17th 2023

Queensgate kooperiert mit NPL bei drittem A4I-finanzierten Forschungsprojekt

Der Nanopositionierungsexperte Queensgate hat in Runde 8 des Programms “Analysis for Innovation” (A4I) von Innovate UK eine Finanzierung erhalten. Dies ist der dritte erfolgreiche Antrag im Rahmen dieser Initiative. A4I […]


May 17th 2023

Update to privacy policy

We have updated our privacy policy to give website users a better understanding of how we may collect, process and, use personal data. The new policy includes specific details of […]


Apr 28th 2023

Nanopositioning Pioneer Dr. Paul Atherton Dies

We were saddened to learn that Dr. Paul Atherton, co-founder of Queensgate, has died after a short illness. He was 69. Together with Ken Reay, Jim Ring, Tom Hicks and […]


NPL nanopositioning stage characterisation rig.

Apr 17th 2023

Prior und NPL arbeiten gemeinsam an 3D-Positionskorrektur

Video-Fallstudie: Prior und NPL arbeiten gemeinsam an räumlicher 3D-Positionskorrektur Eine neue Video-Fallstudie des Programms Analysis for Innovators (A4I) von Innovate UK beleuchtet die Zusammenarbeit von Prior Scientific mit dem britischen […]


Alison Raby and Craig Goodman

Mar 28th 2023

Prior Scientific Appoints Craig Goodman as Product Manager for Queensgate

We are pleased to announce that Craig Goodman, former UK Sales Manager at Prior Scientific, has been appointed as product manager at Queensgate. Craig is ideally suited to the role […]