COVID-19/Coronavirus Update

Prior Scientific would like to make all our stakeholders aware of the measures we are making around COVID-19 known as “Coronavirus”. This affects not only our employees, but impacts on all our stakeholders including customers, suppliers, markets, and the communities in which we operate across the globe.

Our global staff are fully aware and updated regularly on the impact the virus is having and are following the advice of the world, national and regional governments in an attempt to reduce the spread of this disease.

To date we have:

  • Provided additional advise and hygiene facilities;
  • Restricting non-essential 3rd parties on our sites;
  • Restricted all travel by employees;
  • Some employees working remotely;
  • Advised all staff of the symptoms of Coronavirus;
  • Advised all staff showing symptoms to self-isolate and to seek medical advice as per their national/regional government guidelines.
  • Adjusting work patterns to minimize interactions

At our UK and other facilities we are in the process of identifying and providing staff who can work remotely with the resources to do so.

However, as we are a manufacturer, some roles cannot be completed remotely and we are doing all in our power to maintain a safe working environment for those staff who will continue to work at our facilities, including:

  • Changing working patterns to minimise social interaction;
  • Expanding working areas to give individuals social distance;
  • Additional cleaning of the sites to reduce contaminants;
  • Restricting areas of the business to groups of employees.

These are unprecedented times and we will be doing our utmost to maintain a normal supply to our customers, while understanding the difficulties our suppliers face and protecting our employees.

We are vigorously working to protect the delivery of services and products to our customers.  We will fully support our customers as we adapt to the changing circumstances.  Our customer service team can help provide more insight if you have questions about specific orders. Support is available through your existing contact at Prior Scientific or via phone or email.  For those in customer support functions at Prior Scientific who will not be in the office, we have supplied internet phones and computers so that they can work remotely and respond to your inquiries. Our production and shipping teams are continuing to work and we can still ship and receive products.

For circumstances out of our control including full or partial closure of our manufacturing facilities, we will follow our Business Continuity Plan.

We wish all of our stakeholders the very best of health while we get through this situation.