NPS-Z-15L Ultra High Load Closed Loop 15 Micron Actuator


The NPS-Z-15L is a piezo-scanned stage optimized for high load applications. The NPS-Z-15L offers over 15μm of closed loop travel, with sub- nanometre resolution and stability. This stage has been specifically designed for high stiffness, which allows loads of up to 500 Kg to be carried. Optimized mechanical design has yielded a device with an unloaded resonant frequency of greater than 8000Hz. Super Invar construction means the stage has very high thermal and environmental stability. Dynamic optimization via closed loop PID electronics maximise in-situ stepping response and position stability of the system. Electronic configurations can offer independent control of up to 3 or up to 6 stages, ideal for alignment/levelling of large optic or wafer/mask devices.

• >15μm travel with sub-nanometer resolution
• Typically <0.002% hysteresis and <0.01% linearity error
• First resonant frequency >8 KHz
• 500 Kg maximum load
• Robust and reliable
• Super Invar construction