NanoScan SP400/SP600/SP800 Nanopositioning Piezo Sample Scanner


Delivering the best positioning performance and fastest recovery between Z stacks, the NanoScan-SP range of Piezo driven stages are compatible with the Prior motorized stage as well as many common microscopes when using appropriate adapter plates. The super slim 13.7mm height is a feature of the 400um, 600um and 800um closed loop versions, providing better access for illumination of the sample area.

Accessory insert plates are available for a wide variety of samples, including well plates, microtitre plates, slides and petri dishes.

• Capacitive positioning sensors giving market leading resolution.
• Step settle times of <10ms
• Loads of up to 500g (higher loads on request)
• Connectors with built in stage calibration provide plug and play electronics which can be interchanged, minimizing system down times.
• User configurable settings optimized for different sample masses sizes and performance needs. The user simply selects the best setting for their application.
• Tested to function for greater than 10 million full range cycles
  • Optical sectioning producing 3D images
  • Live cell imaging
  • Autofocus systems for time lapse imaging
  • High content screening
  • Surface analysis
  • Wafer inspection
  • OEM custom solutions