Introducing a new high-load Piezo wafer Z stage

Queensgate, a brand of Prior Scientific, introduces a new high-load Piezo wafer Z stage Queensgate’s wafer Z stage is a new addition to its product line, achieving fast response and settle times using Queensgate’s leading digital closed-loop controllers. Queensgate, a brand of Prior Scientific, has announced the launch of the WP-Z-120A Wafer Stage. Millisecond response […]

Innovation in optical interferometry: the secret of success in nanopositioning QA

Traceable metrology: Queensgate is tapping NPL’s cutting-edge capabilities in optical interferometry to underpin its in-house QA programme. Above: a Queensgate nanopositioning stage is deployed in tandem with NPL interferometers and the NPL metrological AFM. (Courtesy: NPL) This article was originally published on on 17 May 2022. Nanopositioning specialist Queensgate and the UK’s National Physical […]

Fast AFM scanning: realizing the gains of closed-loop velocity control

This article was originally published on on 7 April 2021. Nanopositioning specialist Queensgate is lining up a suite of enabling technologies for applications in high-speed, high-accuracy atomic force microscopy (AFM) systems An R&D collaboration between Queensgate, a UK manufacturer of high-precision nanopositioning products, and scientists at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), the UK’s National Metrology Institute, has yielded experimental […]

The NanoScan SP400/SP600 Sample Scanners – for high speed and accuracy positioning

The NanoScan SP400/SP600 Sample Scanners – for high speed and accuracy positioning Prior Scientific is proud to announce the release of its new NanoScan-SP400/SP600 Piezo Sample Scanner, delivering the best positioning performance and fastest recovery between Z stacks. Prior Scientific acquired Queensgate Instruments in 2018 and the NanoScan SP400/SP600 combines Prior’s expertise in delivering microscopy […]

Queensgate – Innovation in Nanopositioning

We have updated our brochure to Queensgate products and services Queensgate systems are the products of choice when sub-nanometer resolutions and the best dynamic specifications are required. Most Queensgate products are custom made to meet unique customer requirements. Queensgate’s agile development team can translate customer needs into high precision devices and provide a competitive advance […]

EPIC Virtual Company Tour at epic

Join us on Tuesday 23 February 2021 at 16:00 CET for a virtual tour of epic Paignton – home of our manufacturing. EPIC – European Photonics Industry Consortium is organizing a virtual tour together with epic (Electronics & Photonics Innovation Centre) and the companies based there. You will be guided through the facility and get […]

Queensgate: Leading Performance Nanopositioning for Microscopy

Queensgate, a brand of Prior Scientific, has a prolific 40-year history in the design of nanopositioning instruments and sensors, having supplied technology used in the manufacture of the majority of the world’s hard disks and on the international space station. Since joining the Prior Scientific group, they have turned part of their attention to the […]

Nanopositioning Systems and Capacitive Sensors with Extreme Reliability for Beamline Applications

Queensgate offers nanopositioning solutions with high precision, accuracy, resolution, and speed that operate for decades in beamline applications.   Since its inception in 1978, Queensgate – a brand of Prior Scientific Instruments – pioneered high-precision, high-speed nanopositioning solutions. Our systems are used in many applications requiring high performance and reliability, including in robotic systems on […]

COVID-19/Coronavirus Update

7 April 2020 Update To: All Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Visitors and Contractors General In light of the global spread of the COVID-19, Prior Scientific/Queensgate is providing this updated notice to outline the policy implemented to prevent the spread of the virus. Prior Scientific/Queensgate continuously monitors government and health organization recommendations to ensure that we follow […]

Queensgate reaches the pinnacle of nanopositioning performance

Seagate’s Ron Anderson says that the data-storage company is using ‘the best nanopositioner on the market’ (Image courtesy: AdobeStock/Vadim) Queensgate – a brand of precision optical and mechanical instrumentation manufacturer Prior Scientific – has come a long way since it was formed in 1979 as a spin-out from Imperial College London. Initially formed to supply […]