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Nano positioning technology and applications

Control Electronics and Software

Super fast and fully digital closed loop electronics and cost-effective analog electronics solutions to drive the Queensgate Nano Positioning range of products.


NPC-D-5200 Digital Controller

Precision, Accuracy and Speed for the best in Nano-positioning A standalone single axis closed loop piezo actuator controller designed to cover a wide range of challenging applications needing the best dynamic performance. There is no compromise; the NPC-D-5200 delivers precision, accuracy and speed.
Queensgate Sensor Controller NS-A-4101

NS-A-4101 Sensor Controller

The new NS-A-4101 is a single channel conditioning controller which comes complete with power supply and analogue interface.The new NS-A-4101 supports the Queensgate’s range of NX and NC NanoSensors®, delivering the highest precision and linearity.

NPC-D-6000 Multi-channel Closed Loop Controller

NPC-D-6000 Multi-channel Closed Loop Controller

The NPC-D-6000 series is a multi-channel closed loop controller for Nano Positioning systems. Designed specifically to control Queensgate Stage Mechanisms and Actuators with piccometer positioning resolutions.

NPS2100-20 and NPS2101 controllers

NPS-2100-20 / NPS-2101 Controller

The NPS2100-20 and NPS2101 is a NanoSensor, high voltage amplifier and control electronics combined as a single channel standalone module. These controllers are most commonly used to provide closed loop position control of Y mirror steering mechanisms, which incorporate Queensgate piezo actuators (MTP-15N ) and sensors (NXB-3-Al).
NS-2000 Series Sensor Controller

NS-2000 Series Sensor Controller

Single channel controllers for the NanoSensor series capacitive sensors.

The NS2000 series controllers operate by measuring the change in capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor and output an analogue voltage proportional to the NanoSensor gap. The voltage output varies linearly between -5V and +5V as the sensor gap changes from 50% to 150% of the nominal NanoSensor gap.  Its compact size, standalone operation and high resolution makes this ideal for systems where NanoPositioning is required.


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