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NPS-θγ-7A High Performance Tip Tilt Stage

NPS-θγ-7A High Performance Tip Tilt Stage

The Queensgate NPS-θγ-7A has been developed for applications requiring high speed, ultra-high precision, positioning of mirrors in optical inspection, imaging systems and laser pointing devices. A suitable mirror is fixed onto the Tip Tilt platform of the stage to provide >7 milliradians of travel with sub micro-radian resolution.

The NPS-θγ-7A is designed to operate at high bandwidths for high speed applications. Made from Invar 36, its low thermal expansion matches most optics minimising any thermal distortion, as well as minimising any thermal position movement.


Key features

  • >7mrad range in each axis with sub micro-radian resolution
  • Invar 36 matching thermal expansion of most optics and minimizing any thermal position movement
  • Capacitive positioning sensor providing unrivalled position precision and accuracy
  • Dynamic performance, high loaded resonant frequencies as well as very high servo loop bandwidths in excess of 1KHz
  • Enclosed mechanism for high stability and reliability
  • Step settle times <2ms
  • Plug and Play: Stage connector containing stage calibration data and reference sensor allowing easy controller interchangeability
  • Used with Queensgate’s high performance electronics giving, low noise, low drift electronics, high power, high resolution and high position update rates. 

Typical applications 

  • Laser scanning
  • Laser beam stabilization
  • Image processing and stabilization
  • Optical filters/ switches
  • Scanning microscopy (SPM)
  • Laser communication point ahead devices

Suggested controllers 

  • NPC-D-6330 Three-channel Closed Loop Controller


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