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NPS-XY-100 Two Axis 100µm x 100µm Stage


The NPS-XY-100 is a piezo scanned flexure guided stage with integrated capacitance position sensors and is capable of sub-nanometer resolution and reproducibility.

Finite element analysis of the flexure guidance mechanisms has reduced parasitic angular motions to less than 25 micro-radians over the full 100 micron range. The unique isostatic mounting system ensures that stresses from the mounting system are properly relieved and establishes the center of the stage as the co-ordinate reference point.

The NPS-XY-100A is of Super Invar construction (CTE 0.3ppm K-1) which minimizes thermal drift, on a nanometer scale this is very important.

The NPS-XY-100B is of Alumium Alloy construction. It has higher thermal drift (CTE 23ppm K-1) compared to Super Invar, but offers increased speed due to the reduced moving mass.

The NPS-XY-100B offers a cost effective alternative to the Super Invar NPS-XY-100A.



  • > 100 micrometer travel in each axis with sub-nanometer resolution
  • < 0.005% hysteresis and linearity error
  • First resonant frequency > 350 Hz (NPS-XY-100A) >500 Hz (NPS-XY-100B)
  • High bandwidths (> 50 Hz) and fast response times
  • In-situ scanning and stepping response optimization
  • Use with NPS-Z-15A or NPS-Z-15H for XYZ options
  • Super Invar construction (NPS-XY-100A), or Aluminium Alloy (NPS-XY-100B)


  • High Precision Microscopy

Suggested controller

  • NPC-D-6000 Series


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