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Nano positioning technology and applications

OSM-Z-400A Microscope Objective Scanner 400μm Stage


Using Queensgate’s Dual Sensor TechnologyTM the OSM-Z-400A offers sub-nanometre positioning over 400μm of displacement with extremely low settling times.

Queensgate’s Dual sensor Technology

Queensgate’s Dual Sensor TechnologyTM is a unique technology which improves system stability against payload change and allows stages to achieve faster step responses and increased mechanical bandwidth (stable operating frequency).


Key features

  • 400μm travel range with sub- nanometer positioning resolution
  • Direct metrology with capacitive positioning sensor
  • Friction-free, high stiffness flexure guided precision system
  • Queensgate dual sensor technology


  • Surface structure analysis
  • Autofocus systems
  • Confocal microscopy
  • Scanning Interferometry

Suggested controller

  • NPC-D-5110DS
  • NPC-A-1110-DS


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