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NPC-A-1110DS Single Axis Analogue Controller

NPC-A-1110DS Single Axis Analogue Controller

Standalone Analogue Single-Axis Closed Loop Driver with Dual Sensor TechnologyTM

Dual Sensor Technology is a new control technique that overcomes the limitations of conventional PID controllers with fixed notch filters, allowing faster step responses, higher stability against payload changes and a dramatic improvement of the system mechanical bandwidth.

The NPC-A-1110DS combines traditional PID (Proportional, Integral, Differential) control with the new Dual Sensor TechnologyTM offering unrivalled performance for nanopositioning stages. Previously unachievable throughputs are now possible thanks to industry leading response and settling times. The NPC-A-1110DS features +/-10V analogue and TTL input, manual offset, and position display, switchable lights (for dark rooms) and Soft Start/Stop switch.



  • Dual Sensor Technology enables Industry-leading performance
    - Higher Speeds
    - Higher Stability
    - Superior Bandwidth
  • Market Leading Noise Floor
  • Soft Start/Stop technology
    - Load and stage protection
  • Switchable front-panel illumination
    - For light-sensitive applications


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