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NPS-XYZ-100A/15A Three Axis Stage

NPS-XYZ-100A/15A Three Axis Stage

The NPS-XYZ-100A/15A Three Axis Stage option incorporates an integrated Z axis stage to provide a solid XYZ arrangement. This arrangement offers over 100 microns of closed loop travel in x and y with over 15 microns of closed loop travel in the z axis.

The flexible modularity of the Queensgate NanoMechanisms result in a number of possible XYZ combinations, each with specific features that make them suitable for different types of high resolution microscopy. Each of the products has Ultra-low parasitic rotations and out of plane motion, superb repeatability and simple image calibration.

Coupled with a range of interfacing options to our closed loop digital controller, this system provides a sophisticated and easy to implement solution for new and existing users of high resolution microscopes.

The NPS-XYZ-100A/15A is made up from the NPS-XY-100A, NPS-Z-15A and interface bracket which allows selection of four different installation configurations each offering different sample placement.



  • > 100 microns range (XY) >16 microns range (Z)
  • Sub-nanometer accuracy positioning and stability in X, Y and Z axes
  • Solid platform
  • Ultra-low hysteresis or linearity errors
  • Simple implementation, easy image calibration
  • In-situ optimization of dynamic scanning response
  • Exceptional short- and long- term stability
  • Super Invar construction


  • Digital, analogue and serial control options
  • Ultra low noise and low drift electronics


  • High Precision Microscopy
  • AFM, SPM, MFM, Reflectance Microscopy

Suggested Controller

  • NPC-D-6000 Series

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