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Events 2017

Queensgate will be attending a number of events in 2017. If you would like to meet up on a specific day or time any of these events please contact us on info@queensgate.com or just come up to us and say hello!

EUSPEN- Lamdamp International Conference and Exhibition

Lamdamap 12th International Conference & Exhibition

15th-16th March 2017, Renishaw Innovation Centre, UK

The 12th International Conference and Exhibition on Laser Metrology, Coordinate Measuring Machine and Machine Tool Performance, (LAMDAMAP 2017) will be organised by euspen drawing together many of the worlds distinguished scientists drawn from all areas of science, engineering and medicine.

Events attended


ESRF User Meeting 2017

6th-8th February, 2017 - EPN Science Campus, Grenoble

The annual event dedicated to the ESRF user community: Learn about, discuss and experience the science and cutting-edge research made with ESRF synchrotron light



Diamond Monthly Supplier Exhibition

20th February, 2017 - Diamond Light Source, Oxford

Created to encourage and nurture collaborations between Diamond and suppliers. The events help advance partnerships and information about potential exciting advances in various fields.