Queensgate - Nanotechnology Instrumentation and Nanopositioning

Nano positioning technology and applications


We produce high quality, state of the art nanopositioning stages, for microscopy applications. These include our XYZ systems offering the best in stability for SPM and AFM applications. The OSM objective scanners are also known in the market for high stability and speed, thanks to their patented Dual Sensor Technology™.

We also offers custom solutions, specifically designed to meet specific applications. Our stages are not to be confused with cheaper strain gauge competitors, these products use high accuracy and stability capacitive sensor technology. These are also available separately in the NX series of Nanosensors.

Queensgate specialise in the following areas:

  • Objective Scanning Stages
    OSM-Z-100B   100 Micron Closed Loop Range Lens Scanner
    NPS-Z-100A   100 Micron Closed Loop Range Extra Large Lens Scanner  (Special please ask for further details)
    OSM-Z-400A   400 Micron Closed Loop Range Lens Scanner
  • Sample Scanning Stages
    SSM-Z-550A   550 Micron Closed Loop Range K-Frame Sample Scanner
    SSM-Z-750A - 750 Micron Closed Loop Range K Frame Sample Scanner (Special please ask for further details)
  • Scanning Probe Microscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy Stages
    NPS-XY-40-Z-10A "Nanopositioning Cube"  High speed XYZ stage (Special please ask for further details).
    NPS-XY-100-Z-15A   XYZ stage
    NPS-XY-100-Z-15H  XYZ hollow stage
    NPS-XY-100B with NPS-X-15A vertically mounted as an external Z axis, for probing.